Wellness Classes
Beaumont TX

At Dharma Wellness MedSpa, in Beaumont, Texas, we offer Wellness Classes including Yoga, Meditation, and Sound Bath sessions. Call Dharma Wellness MedSpa for more information or come visit to take one of our Yoga, Meditation, or Sound Bath classes…see current schedule below.

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Dharma Wellness MedSpa is a wellness center located in Beaumont, Texas. We offer Yoga and Meditation classes to help you experience relaxation and concentration. Our techniques can unlock your inner peace and bring you a surprising stillness. These methodologies have been valued for centuries, and any misperceptions about yoga can easily be cleared up through evaluation of Hindu text and scripture in the Bible..

Yoga originated in ancient India around the same time as the life of Jesus Christ. Many of our clients contemplate His blessings, while others find inspiration in nature and beauty. All of our clients experience extraordinary benefits. The word “yoga” means to be yoked, as mentioned in Matthew 11:29 & 30. Stress affects your entire body, even if you are not aware of it. By achieving tranquility through yoga, you will notice a release of tension in your face, back, arms, and legs. For more information about our Yoga and Meditation classes, please call Dharma Wellness MedSpa or drop in for a class.

Yoga | Wednesday | 5:30 PM


Flow   |  Monday   |    10am

Hatha Yoga   |   Tuesdays  |   10am

Pilates    |    Wednesdays   |   10am

Boister Class    |   Thursday    |   10am

Meditation Beaumont TX

Meditation Classes

Sound Bath Beaumont TX

Sound Bath Classes

Dharma Wellness MedSpa offers Sound Bath classes to help you reduce anxiety and restore your spirit. SOUNDS THAT HEAL! This might sound unusual, but for centuries, some have known that certain sounds and frequencies can have tremendous restorative powers. Cleveland University has proven that after several sessions of sound or vibration therapy, diseases can be eliminated in the body – as well as mobility restored. When you join us near Christus St. Elizabeth in Beaumont – we can show you the miraculous healing of certain tones and sounds, each with a different rejuvenating effect on a certain portion of your body. Be the BEST YOU that you can be by taking one of our Sound Bath classes today at Dharma Wellness MedSpa.


Dharma Wellness Medspa in Beaumont, Texas offers assisted stretching classes to help prevent injuries in athletes or anyone wanting to stay fit and flexible. Anyone enjoying physical activity at any level will benefit from assisted stretching. Our professionals at Dharma Wellness MedSpa use time-tested methodologies to help you regain lost mobility, improve your flexibility and range of motion, and reduce your risk of injury. Keeping our bodies flexible and in shape as we age, keeps us healthier and prevent injuries that can occur as we get older. Melissa Cornwell served as the flexibility coach at Lamar University for a decade in which she helped many of their athletes prevent injuries and improve in athletics. Call Dharma Wellness MedSpa to schedule your Assisted Stretching appointment at 409-333-1335.




ASMR Therapy Couples Experience

ASMR Therapy Couples Experience

Dharma Wellness MedSpa in Beaumont, Texas offers ASMR Therapy sessions for couples wanting a unique experience bringing their connection to a whole other level. When you participate in this beautiful experience, you are both blindfolded and are given some items to share with one another. Through the experience, you connect through all the senses except sight. This allows you to turn the world off and spend quality time deepening your connection with your significant other improving your relationship while enjoying the other benefits like relaxation, and mood enhancement, and can even help with pain. Call Dharma Wellness MedSpa for an ASMR Therapy session today at 409-333-1335.

“I had the Best experience! Definitely will be back!”

Theresa Lulue

“I did the assisted stretching and it was great. I will DEFINITELY continue to go back – and OFTEN!”

Michael Smith

“Such a unique and diverse experience unlike anything I have had done before.”

Seth Moore