Cosmetic Injections
Beaumont TX

Dharma Wellness MedSpa in Beaumont, Texas, provides Cosmetic Injections including Tox Daxxify, Botox, and RHA filler. When you are looking for a wrinkle solution with no surgery, no downtime, Tox Daxxify Peptide Treatments, Botox and RHA are the best on the market. We only want the the best for you with fast and simple treatments that you can schedule anytime even if you only have time on your lunch break. Feel beautiful when receiving treatments that can smooth frown lines between the brows, forehead, and around the eyes. We also offer the famous and can relieve your pain from chronic migraines. Our medical professionals are highly trained and qualified to take care of all your cosmetic injection needs at Dharma Wellness MedSpa, so call at 409-333-1335 today for a free consultation or appointment.

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Tox Daxxify Peptide Treatments

  • Full Face Treatment
  • 100 Units of Dax (lasts twice as long as Botox)


  • Lip Flip relaxes the muscle in your upper lip resulting in the lip to “flip” creating a fuller upper lip without injections in the actual lip
  • Bunnies (nose wrinkles) – diagonal wrinkles located on both sides of nose just below the bridge resulting from age, facial emotions, and injections.
  • Chin – a nonsurgical injection technique reducing excess fat beneath the chin.
  • Smile Lift – restores the vertical dimension correcting a collapsed, aged appearance giving you a brand new, youthful-looking smile.
  • Eye Lift – improves or eliminates dark circles and improves a tired appearance.

Pain Relief

  • Masseters (TMJ relief) – relaxes the jaw muscles treating chronic migraines; jaw muscle pain, teeth clenching, and trismus (can’t open jaw.)
  • OBTA (chronic migraine relief) – treats muscle pain-related conditions including frequent debilitating migraines and chronic muscle spasms.


  • RHA – injectable gels that can correct folds and facial wrinkles in the face.
    The latest innovation in Hyaluronic Acid fillers. Four types available.
    1: Redensity: moisture replacement
    2: Juicy full lips
    3: This is for the girl who likes to look glamorous.
    4: Kardashian look

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