Medical Weight Loss
Beaumont TX

Dharma Wellness MedSpa, located in Beaumont, Texas, and offers Medical Weight Loss options for people wanting to lose weight using compounded semiglutide shots. Some people have a hard time losing weight with regular exercise and healthy eating. They experience plateaus and need additional options to help. Using semiglutide compounded shots are proving to help people lose weight easier and faster. When people are overweight, the extra weight puts strain on every other organ in your body not to mention causes back and feet problems because our bodies are not designed to be over weight. The results from semiglutide are helping people fill fuller faster and stay full so they lose weight by eating less which ends up changing people’s lives. So many struggle with being over weight all of their lives. Semiglutide shots are changing lives and preventing the health issues associated with obesity. Call Dharma Wellness MedSpa to start Semiglutide medical weight loss and become a new you by calling 409 333 1335

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Semiglutide Medical Weight Loss Options:

Semiglutide Medical Weight Loss Options:

Compounded GLP-1

Our semiglutide is a modified version of a naturally-occurring protein our bodies need that will decrease our blood sugar which slows down the digestion process to make you feel full quicker and longer. This injection is weekly.

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