Reiki Massage

Dharma Wellness MedSpa in Beaumont, Texas, offers Reiki Massage to help you with insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, and pain. Reiki is a Japanese word that means sacred or spiritual energy. Ki is that life energy or universal energy that is cultivated and used in the art of Reiki. Adherents believe everything pulses with the rhythm of the universe.

This universal energy is quite universal indeed.

However, many different names are used to describe it. Ki is a Japanese word but in China the same universal energy is called Qi or Chi (Ch’i). Christians call it the Holy Spirit. In India and Tibet the word prana is the same universal energy, but used in relation to energy healing and yoga practices. In Native American cultures the Iroquois people call this energy Orenda and the Lakotas call it wakan. The Sufis call this same energy baraka, the Polynesian Hunas call it mana, the Ituri Pygmies call it megbe, the Christians call it the Holy Spirit, and in Hebrew it is called Ruach. All of these names point to the same idea of universal energy. Call Dharma Wellness MedSpa to make an appointment for a Reiki Massage at 409-333-1335.

“I had the Best experience! Definitely will be back!”

Theresa Lulue

“I did the assisted stretching and it was great. I will DEFINITELY continue to go back – and OFTEN!”

Michael Smith

“Such a unique and diverse experience unlike anything I have had done before.”

Seth Moore